My Webkinz Song

In basic

Here a Webkinz song created by a webkinz girl on Youtube. I think she is funny and Let’s sing together!

Webkinz Song Lyrics

webkinz song 2

wanna go the store
and maybe buy some webkinz
maybe 200 more
to build up my collection
a poodle for you
and for me I will pick a husky
there aren’t any retired ones here
later I’ll go on ebay
if someone bids too high

I think might just cry
need that cheeky dog to sit on the log

and bark at my sister’s frog
I play on other websites
but nothing else compares
to the way that I care
for my black bear

they’re all sweeties
and I am their mother
so I need to show I’m there

I log on every morning
spin the wheel of wow
do my daily kinzcare
make sure I feed my cow
if she won’t eat, she gets sick
then we take her to the clinic
dr. quack say his skit then my cow can celebrate christmas!
she’ll decorate the tree
hang candycanes for me
then I’ll wake up, and find webkinz pups
underneath the christmas tree!

All lyrics written and sung by Hannah

This is was a webkinzgirl108 production!

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