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I’ve posted the best webkinz cheats before, now part 2 is available to you webkins!

Ok, so this is is part 2 to Webkinz Cheats!

So I am going to share a bunch more cheats with you, and trust me, they are great! Sorry I can’t demonstrate them! And remember, all of there cheats won’t freeze your account unless I specially say so.

Another 100,000 Kinzcash Cheat

Step 1: When your phone pops up on your screen and makes asound, press CTRL+M+G

Step 2: Immediately close the phone (It takes a few tries to get the timing right)

Step 3: Go to Quizzys and Play

If you executed the cheat correctly, when you earn money on quizzys, the sound will freeze up. And Webkinz will have a notice that says…

“We cannot connect to Webkinz World at this time, you will be logged out”

It won’t freeze your account, just simply log back in and you will have an extra 100,000 kinzcash

The classic Quizzys Dart cheat

Step 1: Go to Quizzys Blast

Step 2: Use all of your darts. An alert will pop with a title says Uh Oh!

Step 3: Click on Logout and it will say “Do you really wanna exit webkinz world? Click on NO

Step 4: Click on the gold X

Step 5: A thing will pop up saying WAIT You have won 0 Kinzcash.

webkinz cheats part 2

Step 6: Click NO and you will have 4 more darts

Keep doing it and you will have lots of darts and money…

webkinz cheats part 3

webkinz cheats part 4

Now thats a lot!

Next cheat… It’s a cheat I was requested to find…

Its another Dock Dupe Cheat but this one is called…

The Everything Dock Dupe Cheat

You can duplicate any item in your dock! And it’s real simple! Sorta!

Step 1: From your dock click and drag the item you want to duplicate, don’t release it!

Step 2: Press and hold ALT + F1 keys while the item is still being held for exactly 12 minutes

When you let go after 12 minutes you will have 1 more than you already had. Make sure you hold on for 12 WHOLE MINUTES! I know, it’s hard. Don’t be disappointed if it takes you more than once!

The Instant Money Cheat!

Step 1: Go to the Tournament Area and go to rock paper scissors. Don’t do anything!

Step 2: Exit out and go to checkers, but quit right away before the first person makes a move

Step 3: Once you exit out, don’t do anything!

I know it sounds crazy, but the money just starts to multiply!

But I need to tell you that you need the timing just right for it to work, so try it a few times. Don’t give up if it doesn’t work the first time!

The next cheat I will mention will have a higher chance of freezing your account!

I suggest not using it on an account that means a lot to you!

There’s a lot of steps so read carefully… this cheat is…

The 10,000,000 Kinzcash Cheat

You will need a friends help

Step 1: Login to Webkinz account and from your room turn on the Webkinz phone to invite your friend

Step 2: They must decline three times

Step 3: Power down the phone and then power it up again

Step 4: Press the ALT key on the keyboard and hold it down

Step 5: Press F1, then release both keys

Step 6: Press and release ALT

Step 7: Press and hold the alt key and while holding press and hold down the CTRL key

Step 8: While still holding down the keys type:

webkinz cheats part 5

Then you will 10,000,000 Kinzcash!

But remember, there’s a high chance of account freezing with this cheat. 7 out of 10 people said it froze their account.

This next cheat is not official, it may not be true or no longer work… the…

Secret Adoption Center Kinzcash Cheat

Step 1: Type 115yuihd at the adoption center

Step 2: You will get either 10,000 kinzcash or various webkinz!

It make take several tries to get webkinz. I’m not sure if it will freeze your account, sorry, I just don’t know, and I’m not testing it on my account!!!

This next cheat is once again, one that might freeze your account, but it’s not that high of a chance

It’s the Adoption Center Cheat

Step 1: At the window type:

webkinz cheats part 6

After that, you will get a cheeky dog, cheeky cat, retired webkinz, or any other rare webkinz.

DiceKinz Cheat!

You will need a friend to help you

Step 1: Both you and your pal go to the tournament area and play a game dicekinz

Step 2: Each of you take turns clicking the X in the upper right corner of the Dicekinz mini-game

Step 3: Keep doing this over and over and make a pile of money!!!

Next, this cheat may not work anymore, I wouldn’t know, I haven’t done it in awhile. This cheat won’t hurt your accont, it’s the…

Invisible Webkinz Cheat

You must have 1 Lil’kinz for this cheat

Step 1: Go to the adoption center

Step 2: Type in 117yur5h, then as quick as you can log off

Step 3: Wait for 2 hours

After you login back, you’ll have some wonderful invisible Webkinz, tons of Kinzcash maybe also get rare items.

Webkinz Checkerboard Cheat

Step 1: Buy a checkerboard and take it to your room

Step 2: Play a game choosing the Hard, one player setting

Step 3: Make the first move then close the Checkerboard mini-game by clicking on its X

Do not close your webkinz world windows!!!

Step 4: Start playing another game at the same Hard, one player setting

Step 5: Leave that game running for a long time

This is supposed to keep the original game playing and earn your money.

Well, I think that’s enough cheats. Please comment below to disscuss.

Webkinz Cheats
Webkinz Cheats
None freeze your webkinz account! Recently, i

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