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None freeze your webkinz account! Recently, i found it. Enjoy this! you know I’ll share the furniture, 100,000 Kinzcash code and tell that the love frog code worth to try!

Zingoz Pop cheat

Step 1: Go to the Arcade and play Zingoz Pop

Step 2: Win over at least 100 kinzcash before you loose. The more you get, the better!

Step 3: Press Replay to play again

Step 4: Press 2 Player and pick two balls

Step 5: Start the game, and then exit out by clicking on the gold ‘X’

Step 6: When you win you will win the same amount of Kinzcash you won in the last game.

You can do this multiple times and it is an easy and quick way to get kinzcash! This cheat won’t freeze your account because it could happen by mistake!

webkinz cheats

That webkinz cheat could really come in handy!

The Webkinz Dock Dupe Cheat

Step 1: Go into your dock and click on an item you want to duplicate

Step 2: Drag it out of the dock without letting go of the click button

Step 3: Your web browser has a refresh button. Drag the item to the refresh button

Step 4: Click the refresh button very fast many times

Step 5: Then quickly drop the item in your room. The item will now be both in the dock and in your room.

webkinz cheats 2

This cheat is great if you dupe rare items! Then you could make multiple of expensive rare items and trade them in the clubhouse. Good idea huh?

Next cheat… This one isn’t that great…

The Simultaneous Cheat

Step 1: You need to find a friend to help you

Step 2: Go to your friend’s phone and type ctrl+ n

Now, you will be able to be on 2 different accounts at once! I know, not that great!

Next cheat…

This one give you multiple coupons! I call it…

The Coupons Multiplier Cheat

Step 1: Go to the W-Shop and add item to your cart

Step 2: Check out and drag the coupon up to the item

Step 3: Then remove it and exit out of the W-Shop. You will have one more coupon when you have exited out!

webkinz cheats 3

I know its hard to see, but notice I have only 2 25% off coupons.

After I do the cheat…

webkinz cheats 4

Notice 3 25% off coupons!

If you consistently did this, man, you could save a lot of money!

Furniture Cheat Code

Be careful, I’m not positive, but with this cheat you could accidentally freeze your account.

3 out of 10 people said that cheat froze their account 🙁

Step 1: Go to your room and press ctrl+m+g

Step 2: Log off your account

When you log back in, you will have every piece of furniture in the W-Shop including super beds, exclusives, and rare items!

It really does work!

The next cheats I’m going to list are cheat codes which have a hiher risk of account freezing, just coution you.

This cheat is the…

100,000 Kinzcash Cheat Code

Step 1: Type 889ry5ui into the adoption center

Step 2: Immediately log off for at least two hours

Log back in and you will have 100,000 kinzcash!!!

Free Love Frog Cheat Code

Step 1: Go to the adoption center and type in 4769jd8v

You supposedly get a free love frog!

Now, I have one last cheat to share with you… And it has no chance of freezing your account…

This is the…

Curio Shop Secret Item Cheat

Step 1: Go to the Curio Shop

Step 2: As quickly as you can enter and leave the shop 20 times

Step 3: When you enter for the 21st time Press ctrl and pick up and item you want

Step 4: As quick as you can click buy for five minutes

Step 5: Close your web browser by clicking the X in the upper right corner

Step 6: Wait for two hours

When you log back in you will have the item you tried to buy!

I would test it out first buying a cheap item for something under 100 kinzcash just to make sure you have the timing right.

Once you got it, you can do it to get free rare items!

Well, I hope you got some great webkinz cheats to try!

Just remember that a couple of them might have risk of freezing your account.

See also a trick about webkinz codes that I’ve made for you.

Webkinz Cheats #Part 2
Webkinz Cheats #Part 2
I’ve posted the best webkinz cheats before,

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