Webkinz Day [The Song]

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Hello webkins, I have posted Webkinz Song before which made by webkinzgirl. Now, just listen other song that sung by webkinzsmiles production.

Webkinz Day [the song] Lyrics 

webkinz webkinz
webkinz rock! webkinz
webkinz webkinz rock!

C’mon world listen here I’ve got a Webkinz that is near!
It looks like a webkinz bear’s ear!
Oh wait that’s not it… It’s a webkinz deer!

Jingle dog Jingle dog jingle all the way!
Oh what fun it is to bark in one dog open day
Jingle dog Jingle dog all the way!
Oh what fun it is to bark in a one dog open day!

It’s a nice day and the mice say welcome to the webkinz day!
I’ll give you advice put some ice in that lemonade!

Bark neigh say hey!
Welcome to the webkinz day come on let’s go outside and play-y-y-y-y

Go swimmin’ with the manatee
go show some honestee we didn’t forget special day!
It’s called the webkinz day!

Today’s the day to par-tay with all of your Webkinz friends!
This day can’t end with your best friend spend some time with your Family!

A collie that barks or a skunk too
maybe a racoon a toucan that fly’s a frog that hops…

I would like to name all…

But we don’t have time because the sun is setting

I guesss webkinz day is over goodbye for now
WEBKINZ DAY with will come again soon…

Song written by Valerie and she has good voice! I love it!

Okay.. I will go to webkinz come in and play to give my pet some food recipes, then make him happy by wearing cool clothing.

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